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As kids, we’re taught that we are the future and we should strive to be independent. It’s a nice idea, isn’t it? However, reaching true independence can take a while. Why? As Loyiso Gola tweeted “your parents run your life because they pay for your life”.

You may think that you’re independent but you’re not. As long as your source of income is someone else, your independence is limited. This statement includes rich kids whose parents don’t love them to a certain point but it applies to the average kid: the one whose parents work (or parent works) and don’t have money to blow. Or buy blow. You have to work for your independence: make your own money. For as long as someone else is providing you with money, you are dependent on them.

Look at me: I live in a flat, paid for by mum. I go to a nice university, paid for by my mum. I can cook, with ingredients paid for by my mum. If I happened to be put in a position where my mum could not/would not provide for me, I’d lose a lot of things. But that isn’t what annoys me.

What irks me, is the fact that due to the financial support, I can’t do my own thing. I can do only what my mum will finance. I got blonde highlights in May and my mum was OK but when I went purple, she didn’t appreciate it. And I’d done it with her money. See how limiting that is? If I could, I would not go home during the festive season. But I can’t. You know why? Coz I don’t have my own money. I’d need her help to stay alive.

It really sucks because I can’t really say that my life is my own: I don’t control it to the utmost. I can’t say that I completely do as I please. So I’m stuck with: My life is mine to live as I please. Within the constraints of my mother’s thumb. For now.


Today Is Friday, Friday, Frid -slap-

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When we were little kids (at least when I was) we were taught how to count, the months of the year and the days of the week. Who would’ve thought that teaching your kid the days of the week could turn out so badly? Case in point? Rebecca Black’s Friday song. I don’t know if that’s the official name and I will not bother to Google it (This time, I’m not lazy. I just won’t).

I am a lover-of-things and when Little Miss Black (AKA Miss Wack.. who should be whacked) was trending on Twitter, I HAD to find out what she was about. Plus my friend was talking about her and I wanted to be in the know. So I headed over to YouTube, searched for this child and waited as the thing buffed the video… WHAT HORRENDOUS CRAP!

Miss Wack goes on to recite the days of the week, over some silly beat and the video.. No. No. NOOO! That child can’t even sing. If she can, she has a funny way of showing it. Then that random rapper says some random stuff and I’m thinking “You are a grown ass man, supposedly rapping on this song and you expect the world to take you seriously? Sorry, it’s late for you”

On some level, I find that song to be derogatory and abusive: it is a horrible peace of crap that does not deserve to be on tv, radio, youTube or anywhere. Epic fucken FAIL! I just don’t understand why anyone would allow such crap to reach the world, it’s not even entertaining. She sounds simple-minded and lame. I get that Nicki Minaj was on some “Pink Friday” then Lil Kim wanted some shine off of that and hit us with ” Black Friday” but really now? The days of the week? I have heard it all.

On a serious note though, does she have a recording contract? Can I get that song banned? And on the flipside, it could be a new way to teach kids the days of the week. I take that back. BAN THAT SONG!