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As kids, we’re taught that we are the future and we should strive to be independent. It’s a nice idea, isn’t it? However, reaching true independence can take a while. Why? As Loyiso Gola tweeted “your parents run your life because they pay for your life”.

You may think that you’re independent but you’re not. As long as your source of income is someone else, your independence is limited. This statement includes rich kids whose parents don’t love them to a certain point but it applies to the average kid: the one whose parents work (or parent works) and don’t have money to blow. Or buy blow. You have to work for your independence: make your own money. For as long as someone else is providing you with money, you are dependent on them.

Look at me: I live in a flat, paid for by mum. I go to a nice university, paid for by my mum. I can cook, with ingredients paid for by my mum. If I happened to be put in a position where my mum could not/would not provide for me, I’d lose a lot of things. But that isn’t what annoys me.

What irks me, is the fact that due to the financial support, I can’t do my own thing. I can do only what my mum will finance. I got blonde highlights in May and my mum was OK but when I went purple, she didn’t appreciate it. And I’d done it with her money. See how limiting that is? If I could, I would not go home during the festive season. But I can’t. You know why? Coz I don’t have my own money. I’d need her help to stay alive.

It really sucks because I can’t really say that my life is my own: I don’t control it to the utmost. I can’t say that I completely do as I please. So I’m stuck with: My life is mine to live as I please. Within the constraints of my mother’s thumb. For now.


Name Game

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When you were born, your parents gave you a name, if they loved you enough. Some names, however, inspire enormous doubt of the love that parents have for their kids. But that aside, the name that they gave you is your government name. Somewhere along the line, they may have given you a nickname: a shortening of your name or something that just suited you. That nickname possibly didn’t stick all the way to your teens so you picked one for yourself. If you picked your nickname, it had better be a good fit.

I’m called Koki: short for my government name but after years of saying “like a koki” to explain how it’s spelt, I am now likened to a koki pen. Of course, I’m not a felt-tipped pen that comes in various colours (I have one general colour: brownish and that changes with the season) but I am quite colourful (personality-wise). Most the nicknames for my name are appropriate (Koki pen, Cocky). So imagine how I feel when I meet someone whose nickname just doesn’t match them. Not particularly impressed.

I met a girl called “Peaches” on Friday. When I meet someone called “Peaches” or “Peach” or anything edible, I expect them to have something in common with a peach or whatever edible thing they are named after. The “Peaches” in question was light-skinned, I’ll give her that. However: her nickname is not close to her government name, not by a long shot (-1), she did not appear to be juicy (-1), she was skinny (-1), there was very little roundness to her (-1), she had barely noticeable boobs (-5 because I’m a boobs girl). Even worse for her, I know a “Peaches” who is suited to her name: she looks delicious, has some roundness to her and just looks edible. In the battle of the Peaches, she wins. Peaches down.

In defense of the Peaches that looks nothing like peach, she’s pretty. And I don’t know if she picked the name herself or if it got dumped on her: but why did she keep it? In addition, she would look good with some cream on her. then again, which pretty girl (that isn’t allergic to cream) wouldn’t? Furthermore, I do not know if there is an entertaining story behind the name. But I will still judge her and my verdict is as follows: EPIC FUCKING FAIL!

I help when I can so here are some guidelines

  1. It should be short for your name
  2. If it’s not short for your name, it should at least fit
  3. If you picked it, it had better fit
  4. If it doesn’t fit, change it
  5. If it’s not short for your name, it had better be cool and have an entertaining story behind it

Now go forth, my reader, and name yourself (and others) appropriately!