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Exam Time

Posted in Education etc, Life with tags , , , , , , , , , on 16/11/2011 by Bitsofki

It’s that time of the year again: students are stressed, having breakouts, feeling tired and they are drinking energy drinks to stay up. Not to party but to study.

Exams are stressful for a lot of people, for example: it was reported, recently (2 or so weeks ago), that a student attacked a lecturer in an exam venue. He was supposed to be writing an exam in that venue and stories have circulated that he attacked the lecturer because he (the lecturer) is unfair. I don’t know the details so I’ll put it down to extreme pressure and stress. Another whisper went around that a guy randomly took his pants off in the library. Exam heat can do that to you.

I honestly think that exam time should be the most chilled time of the year. I mean: nobody’s having parties, the majority of people look like crap, lectures and tutorials are over, you don’t have to hand anything in and you can get some sleep. During the year there’s a lot of stuff happening and sleep deprivation is normal but during exams? No. Then again, some people have horrible timetables, a million subjects and are prone to worrying.

Me? I’m chilled. A lot of people say that it’s because I do a BA and they’re right. I chose my subjects, I’m doing me so it’s a whole lot more fun. And besides, it’s a lot easier balancing a life that you enjoy than one that you don’t. Plus I have a cool timetable.

All nighters and Monster are for during the block, right now people should be getting their eight hours and some sunshine. Just study smarter.