My Thoughts On The Mshoza Thing

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Let me start off by saying that I did not follow this issue: I have more interesting things to do, so this is a matter of slightly informed opinion.
Also, I think Mshoza looks absolutely gorgeous.

Mshoza, a kwaito star (I’m not sure if I should put former in there), decided that she wanted to pull a Michael Jackson and get her skin lightened. She doesn’t have vitiligo, she just wanted to be a yellow bone mami. South Africa and my Twitter TL got excited for a bit. She was on the cover of Drum magazine and some newspaper too. I didn’t pay much attention but the picture that I saw of her didn’t look too good. It wasn’t until she was on TV that I took a slight interest.

She was on the SABC2 TV show “Motswako”, hosted by Penny Lebyane. I didn’t watch the entire show, I had other things to do but after checking out Twitter: I really wanted to see her. And see her I did. She looked gorgeous, as I’ve said. She was talking about how she feels and what procedures she’s still going to do. She wants to get a more Caucasian -also read as “white”- nose, some eye work and a hair transplant to change the shape of her forehead. I’m not clear on the butt and thigh stuff, I think it’s on the list of operations to come. What struck me was the slight look of disgust on Penny Lebyane’s face: which is OK.

I don’t see why people are bothered by this: Mshoza has a million to blow and she wants lighter skin. So what? I think that light-skinned people should just sit this issue out: they can’t offer much in way of talking about complexion. As much as we may not like it, light skinned people are generally preferred: yellow bone over chocolate brownie? And then there’s that historical stuff too, I don’t wanna get into it. If Mshoza feels prettier with light skin, why get so worked up? Besides, do you have that kind of money? I suggest that you take a seat then.
Then Penny asked her something about what teenage girls should think: I think Mshoza answered quite well. I would’ve told Penny that teenage girls can think whatever they like: they define their world so if they want lighter skin then they should get it (I’m a little rude sometimes).

Then there’s the issue of Mshoza’s celebrity status: she’s not that relevant or famous. I immensely doubt that she was on our mind, as a nation, before this series of events. Maybe 10 or so people but really? She’s not that famous.

Also, the girls with the weaves (fake hair), acrylic/ gel nails (fake nails), fake eyelashes, breast implants, liposuction and the list goes on are always the first to start talking. And they really shouldn’t because they’re in the same boat as Mshoza. They all wanted something that they don’t have naturally and went to buy it. It’s just that What Mshoza wanted cost a whole lot more than a weave or a manicure does.

Mshoza did what she felt was right for her and I salute her for that. Even if she turns into a “chubaba” (in the words of my pal, Mia), later, at least she was happy with herself and how she looked. Are you?



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Anyone that’s preparing to say “Don’t judge me/ You shouldn’t judge/” or anything that seeks to stop me from judging should just save their breath. They should also catch a clue and sit down: it’s just stupid. And rather hypocritical.

It’s hypocritical because before telling me what to do, you’d have to assess the situation then pass judgement on my actions. So zip it.

OK, with that typed, let’s move on. Saying that people shouldn’t judge is like telling them not to breathe: it’s basic to human nature. Back back back in the day, our ancestors used their primitive faculties to judge whether it was right to move on to a new settlement or which cow to slaughter and all that survival stuff. So it’s ingrained in us to assess (judge) our surroundings and community and even ourselves.

Without judgement, how would one choose the right business to invest in? Or the right university to go to? Or which beer is your favourite? Which wine to drink? Which person to trust? I’ll admit that we pass harsh judgements on people all the time but different judgements foster dialogue and debate over issues: judgement was part of abolishing slavery, letting women vote, letting you exist. Yeah, that’s right.

Of course people want to say don’t judge me and a few minutes later, they’ll judge Mshoza for lightening her skin. I think she looks fantastic, by the way. That isn’t how it works: we judge everything. EVERYTHING!

This is why I will judge you: I am allowed to judge my environment/ surroundings/ society and in letting yourself enter any of these spheres of mine, you become a part of them. Hence you are subject to my judgement. Oh and also because I can: it’s what I do. I was watching Sex And The City a long time ago and I adapted one of the lines: “I judge, it’s what I do. Some people have arts and crafts: I judge”.

Ke Dezemba Boss

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It’s that time of the year again: when students are relaxing in the sun or getting holiday jobs; when students don’t have study for about a month or so. Yep, it’s the end of the year. Or as people have been tweeting on my TL: Ke Dezemba Boss! That means it’s December. Gotta love South Africa.

Like most students, that I know, I don’t live with my mother. She lives in another province while I’m here, attending school. So like all my friends, I have to go home at the end of the year when I’d really rather stay here. However, food is running low and so is money and mum keeps asking when you’re coming home. That aside, this is the time of the year that I have a love-hate relationship with: it’s cool to be on holiday and spend some time with my family but I miss my friends! After about two weeks, I just want to be back on campus, living my awesome student life -sigh-

Alas that is not the case: I’ll spend my holiday in the hot Limpopo sun, learning how to drive (I need to get my licence), cooking for my family (it’s a small one) and not really knowing what to do with myself. OK not all the time: I’ve got a plan to read and learn stuff.

So I’ll enjoy the time that I have left with my friends then head on over to mummy’s food-order-love-filled house because Ke Dezemba Boss!

I’m Yours

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Love doesn’t thrive when it is caged, it needs to free. Free to ebb and flow and surround you. And possession is a problem: so often, we want to have and hold love but it never seems to work. And even in the case of love that isn’t caged: there’s still this urge to say “I’m yours”.

What I think we need to learn and accept is that saying “I’m Yours” does not mean that the other person feels the same. I think it’s not fair or rational to assume such but rationality tends to pale in the presence of love, yes? I’d like to be rational in my dealings and I try to be. I try to look at things from all sides but I fail, sometimes.

Regardless, I’m Yours. And I know that that does not make you mine and it’s not enough to make you mine.

#I’m Yours is also a song by Jason Mraz. I like it 🙂

Exam Time

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It’s that time of the year again: students are stressed, having breakouts, feeling tired and they are drinking energy drinks to stay up. Not to party but to study.

Exams are stressful for a lot of people, for example: it was reported, recently (2 or so weeks ago), that a student attacked a lecturer in an exam venue. He was supposed to be writing an exam in that venue and stories have circulated that he attacked the lecturer because he (the lecturer) is unfair. I don’t know the details so I’ll put it down to extreme pressure and stress. Another whisper went around that a guy randomly took his pants off in the library. Exam heat can do that to you.

I honestly think that exam time should be the most chilled time of the year. I mean: nobody’s having parties, the majority of people look like crap, lectures and tutorials are over, you don’t have to hand anything in and you can get some sleep. During the year there’s a lot of stuff happening and sleep deprivation is normal but during exams? No. Then again, some people have horrible timetables, a million subjects and are prone to worrying.

Me? I’m chilled. A lot of people say that it’s because I do a BA and they’re right. I chose my subjects, I’m doing me so it’s a whole lot more fun. And besides, it’s a lot easier balancing a life that you enjoy than one that you don’t. Plus I have a cool timetable.

All nighters and Monster are for during the block, right now people should be getting their eight hours and some sunshine. Just study smarter.

Oh Sweet Closure

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Here I am, finally got WordPress for Blackberry installed on this phone, feeling good (for lack of a better phrase). I’m not a supporter of BlackBerry: I’m a Nokia fan but circumstances have led to me being in possession of a BB so I might as well run with it. Anyway, I’m feeling good because I have finally been told why I was treated with disrespect and in the words of Vivian Green: “Disregard for me and my feelings”

I finally got through to this boy and after some confusion of sorts, he told me why things went the way that they did. It was a result of immaturity. I was just glad to know why I suffered the sadness that I did. He told me that he’s sorry and he asked if I didn’t want to slap him. I really don’t.

The closure is just so refreshing, the issue feels like it’s truly resolved. And of course, my curiosity has been assuaged. Thing is, even when the rage and depression and sadness fade, the need to know remains. And now I know 🙂

Music Videos!

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I’ve been gone for a while, a girl’s been super busy, and a lot of stuff has happened and some of the stuff is really old but it needs to be said.

1. I saw the American version of the video for Ellie Goulding’s “Starry Eyed” and I was a bit surprised: she has on blue contacts. Why? On the flipside, her teeth look better in the American version plus it’s prettier. I like the stars.

UK version (Before)

US Version (After)

As a final note on Ellie Goulding: she makes weird videos

2. Then there’s good old Beyoncé and her videos. The 1+1 video just didn’t do it for me hey. The Countdown one is cute, not the usual Thing we’re used to seeing but it will do. Then there’s video for Party: she’s seen having fun sans baby bump but apparently it was shot early in her pregnancy. You even catch a glimpse of an albino boy. Possibly the same one from Katy Perry’s ET video



Party ft J. Cole

3. Finally, Adele. I love Adele’s voice and I really think that she shouldn’t make music videos. Case in point? From her debut album, 19, she made videos for Chasing Pavements and Make You Feel My Love. I found both to be boring. The one for Chasing Pavements was kinda artsy in that deep dancing manner and the Make You Feel My Love one was just.. Now, from 21, she made a video for Someone Like You. It’s shot in Black and white and she looks absolutely beautiful. Almost nothing happens. It’s a sad video for a sad song but it’s OK if Adele doesn’t make videos. I prefer the live version video.

Chasing Pavements

Make You Feel My Love

Someone Like You (Official)

Someone Like You (Live)

And the bonus one: Cold Shoulder from her debut, 19. The ice sculptures are awesome and her manicure too