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Dusting Off

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It has been 4 years since I lasted posted anything and I’m posting now to try and engage in low-stakes writing. As can be seen from the twitter feed on the right, I was supposed to write this post yesterday but life yo.

I don’t have anything to say right now, I’m just enjoying typing. I’ll follow up with better (slightly) posts eventually. For now, yay for this new post. Yay for dusting off my blog.



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The ever wonderful Mini reminded me that I have been neglecting my blog and suggested that I write something about religion. I’ve been thinking about it (not enough) and I don’t think I have a proper handle on how I feel about it but here goes.

I’ve never been a regular church goer, neither has my family but my mum is a Christian and me, well, I’m not. I went to a Catholic high school: mostly because it was close by but I think my mum thought it might help me see the “light”, and I learnt a bit about the Catholic religion and other religions too but I never really got into it. I understand the role that religion plays for certain people and I respect that.

I just can’t be religious though *shrug* I’m a highly free-spirited person who is not fond of being confined or governed by rules that are not of my own making. Religion on the other hand, is rule-governed: every single religion has “rules and regulations” in place. They go to places of worship on certain days, they fast, they give tithe. They do this, they do that. And I want to do what I want, when I want, how I want..

I think, religion began as spirituality and somewhere along the line, someone thought that adding rules would make it easier (or something) for people to feel connected to each other or to keep track of who’s who and what’s going on. Or something. Or maybe the rules began as guidelines or suggestions and somewhere along the line they just got so emphasized, for whatever reason, that they became rules that people should adhere to. Also, culture found its way in there. Seriously, would God not want to speak to me because I’m female and I’m wearing pants? Isn’t that a little petty?

Some of these rules, to me, seem to infringe on my freedom: I have a thing for bacon hey. I will have it when I want it, when I want but not if I followed some religions. We recently covered some aspects of the Philosophy of Baruch Spinoza and I must say, I was intrigued. His conception of God as this anthropomorphised being just spoke volume to me: God does not have human qualities, we have just attributed them to him.
Spinoza’s God is my kind of God, I can be down with that: he doesn’t care if i wear pants or eat pork. He doesn’t care if my friends are gay or if I touch males. Well Spinoza’s full conception of God had other implications for religion: they got him excommunicated. But I like Spinoza’s God: he’s sort of outside of religion.

Religion is linked to a lot of heinous acts and as much as this may be the fault of the people in charge, it doesn’t do much for religion’s image. I’m not too sure what I’m saying anymore but I understand the value of religion. It’s just not for me

My Thoughts On The Mshoza Thing

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Let me start off by saying that I did not follow this issue: I have more interesting things to do, so this is a matter of slightly informed opinion.
Also, I think Mshoza looks absolutely gorgeous.

Mshoza, a kwaito star (I’m not sure if I should put former in there), decided that she wanted to pull a Michael Jackson and get her skin lightened. She doesn’t have vitiligo, she just wanted to be a yellow bone mami. South Africa and my Twitter TL got excited for a bit. She was on the cover of Drum magazine and some newspaper too. I didn’t pay much attention but the picture that I saw of her didn’t look too good. It wasn’t until she was on TV that I took a slight interest.

She was on the SABC2 TV show “Motswako”, hosted by Penny Lebyane. I didn’t watch the entire show, I had other things to do but after checking out Twitter: I really wanted to see her. And see her I did. She looked gorgeous, as I’ve said. She was talking about how she feels and what procedures she’s still going to do. She wants to get a more Caucasian -also read as “white”- nose, some eye work and a hair transplant to change the shape of her forehead. I’m not clear on the butt and thigh stuff, I think it’s on the list of operations to come. What struck me was the slight look of disgust on Penny Lebyane’s face: which is OK.

I don’t see why people are bothered by this: Mshoza has a million to blow and she wants lighter skin. So what? I think that light-skinned people should just sit this issue out: they can’t offer much in way of talking about complexion. As much as we may not like it, light skinned people are generally preferred: yellow bone over chocolate brownie? And then there’s that historical stuff too, I don’t wanna get into it. If Mshoza feels prettier with light skin, why get so worked up? Besides, do you have that kind of money? I suggest that you take a seat then.
Then Penny asked her something about what teenage girls should think: I think Mshoza answered quite well. I would’ve told Penny that teenage girls can think whatever they like: they define their world so if they want lighter skin then they should get it (I’m a little rude sometimes).

Then there’s the issue of Mshoza’s celebrity status: she’s not that relevant or famous. I immensely doubt that she was on our mind, as a nation, before this series of events. Maybe 10 or so people but really? She’s not that famous.

Also, the girls with the weaves (fake hair), acrylic/ gel nails (fake nails), fake eyelashes, breast implants, liposuction and the list goes on are always the first to start talking. And they really shouldn’t because they’re in the same boat as Mshoza. They all wanted something that they don’t have naturally and went to buy it. It’s just that What Mshoza wanted cost a whole lot more than a weave or a manicure does.

Mshoza did what she felt was right for her and I salute her for that. Even if she turns into a “chubaba” (in the words of my pal, Mia), later, at least she was happy with herself and how she looked. Are you?

Love and Reason

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As we go through life, we learn that the ability to reason and be logical is favourable. And can you really dispute that? Being able to think things through and (rationally) justify one’s actions is a valuable skill that isn’t very common. As much as reason is important and stuff, I don’t think that it’s required for love.

By reason, I mean justification. I suppose that I’m whimsical or whatever but that’s just me. I love Adele’s “21” and i was listening to “Don’t You Remember” just the other day and she sang “Don’t you remember? Don’t you remember the reason you loved me before?” and she sang it well.

Why exactly should you have reasons to or for loving someone? Why can’t you just love them and let love be? Possibly, the first person to ask another why they loved their darling, just wanted to know more about the darling. Like a chance to talk more about the darling person. Then somehow, this got twisted into what it is today: reasons for loving someone.

Or it could just be an extension of our logic: trying to make love systematic and orderly. Making sure it’s not an arbitary thing. Maybe we do end up with reasons but does it really start like that?

I think it starts as love. Nothing more, nothing less. No reasons, justification, qualification, elaboration or any other -ation. It’s just “I love X” then time, logic, conversation and the need to make sure that we’re being rational, make us start to say “I love X because… X is kind/funny/ insert whatever feature you like her“. Or maybe not.

Either way, I love you, without rhyme or reason but with all of my heart.

Killing Me With Kindness

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Kindness is one of those qualities that we all appreciate and most people would count kindness amongst the qualities that they’d want their partner to have. Kindness is admirable and it’s one of the things that I love about my sister: she can be a bit of a bleeding heart sometimes but her kindness this morning irritated my soul.

My sister is a very friendly person (unlike me) and as follows, she has friends that live in our building. She sleeps well and is not writing exams at the moment, unlike me. Due to it being exam time, I sleep at odder hours than before and I seem to have a touch of insomnia. As a result, I only fell asleep at about 3, finally. Now, at around 6AM my sister’s friend was calling out her name. So after a lot of chatting between my brother ans sister, my sister eventually goes outside. Lo and behold, this friend (with her cousin in tow) need a place to sleep. Of course my sister lets them sleep on her bed.

What annoyed me was the extended conversation that carried on and on and on. It put me in a bad mood, had me tweeting about it too. I had barely three hours of sleep and this silly girl is continuously saying “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”. I snapped and told her to be quiet. “You came looking for a place to sleep not talk, so sleep”. It really didn’t help that her brother is a snorer.

Sometimes Kindness is a curse

Shadows (On The Breath That We Share)

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Together and Under
So close but I can’t really see you
You breathe, I breathe
Your breath touches mine
My breath touches yours
There they are, mingling
But there are shadows on the breath that we share
Me and you
You and me
Us, we, the collective
You breathe, I breathe
We breathe, our breath
Us, we
So possesive yet so comforting
Surrounding and warming
Though light doesn’t make it through these covers
There are shadows on the breath that we share

Shadows of the giggles that erupted from me
Shadows of the words that warmed your heart
Shadows of the words that split your lips into that smile
Shadows of the words that had you laughing
There are shadows on the breath that we share

Shadows of the words that I say
But won’t let you hear
The words that pass my lips silently
Words that I say against your skin
There are shadows on the breath that we share

*Partly Inspired by Sara Bareilles’ lyric [Paint your shadows on the breath that we share] from “One Sweet Love” off the album “Little Voice”


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This blogging thing is actually quite hard: it really is. I am constantly busy or just too lazy to pull out my laptop and post stuff. I really am but I try. It’s just that life has really been speeding up. And I really can’t do the two blogs thing. I think that Koki’s Pen will just have to be integrated into Bitsofki 🙂