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As kids, we’re taught that we are the future and we should strive to be independent. It’s a nice idea, isn’t it? However, reaching true independence can take a while. Why? As Loyiso Gola tweeted “your parents run your life because they pay for your life”.

You may think that you’re independent but you’re not. As long as your source of income is someone else, your independence is limited. This statement includes rich kids whose parents don’t love them to a certain point but it applies to the average kid: the one whose parents work (or parent works) and don’t have money to blow. Or buy blow. You have to work for your independence: make your own money. For as long as someone else is providing you with money, you are dependent on them.

Look at me: I live in a flat, paid for by mum. I go to a nice university, paid for by my mum. I can cook, with ingredients paid for by my mum. If I happened to be put in a position where my mum could not/would not provide for me, I’d lose a lot of things. But that isn’t what annoys me.

What irks me, is the fact that due to the financial support, I can’t do my own thing. I can do only what my mum will finance. I got blonde highlights in May and my mum was OK but when I went purple, she didn’t appreciate it. And I’d done it with her money. See how limiting that is? If I could, I would not go home during the festive season. But I can’t. You know why? Coz I don’t have my own money. I’d need her help to stay alive.

It really sucks because I can’t really say that my life is my own: I don’t control it to the utmost. I can’t say that I completely do as I please. So I’m stuck with: My life is mine to live as I please. Within the constraints of my mother’s thumb. For now.


Pieces Of Unsolicited Advice PART V

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The way that this post is long overdue is just so sad.. But it’s here, fianlly. My Views may or may not have changed since I wrote this (ages ago)


# 101 In destroying opponents, before you do: turn them into fans, followers whatever (thank you George Orwell and 1984)

# 102 When lying, keep it simple and (if possible) involve no one.

#103 A secret stops being a secret once told to another. It then becomes an intimate detail that shouldn’t be shared.

#104 The moment you say something in an open space, where others can hear you, it becomes as private as public property.

#105 Does it work?

#106 Take me as I am or buzz off.

#107 Don’t pass up a chance to improve yourself

#108 Believe in yourself. Always.

#109 Take credit for your work

#110 Mostly, remuneration in monetary form trumps appreciation.

#111 Luxury is not deserved: you WORK for it.

#112 There are only two ways to get rich: you’re either born rich or you marry rich. There’s only one way to get wealthy: You WORK.

#113 “The rich live well. The wealthy sleep well”

#114 Inner beauty is worth working on. Outer beauty can be bought.

#115 When the actions say one thing and the eyes another: believe the eyes

Money Money Money!

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“I wannna be rich and I want lots of money” sings Lily Allen on the radio, in my head. I’ve been thinking about the things that I want and Miss Allen almost got it right: I want lots of money but I want to be WEALTHY not rich.

There’s a quote that I picked up that says “The rich live well and the wealthy sleep well” and that is the dream. I want to be wealthy, rich is only the beginning. “What is the difference?” you might ask. The difference is that rich ain’t got shit on wealthy (once again, only American slang can drive the point home). Rich is lots of money. Wealthy is lots and lots and lots of money, it’s multiple properties, it’s cash on tap, it’s never having to work, it’s trips ANY time of the year, it’s a long list of assets, it’s multiple streams of income, it’s peace of mind, it’s having no debt, it’s ownership of your life, it’s owing NOBODY. It’s being absolutely free. Fuck rich, I want to be wealthy.

People like saying “money isn’t everything” and quite often, the people that say this are people who have settled for their sad, strained lifestyles that they actually don’t like. Money isn’t everything but it sure can get you everything. Don’t try and get smart with me and tell me about love and all that: I’m talking material. Money is the ticket to freedom: imagine having ABSOLUTELY no monetary debts (yes, there are other forms of debt), owning EVRYTHING you have, never having to worry about making that next payment because you bought it cash. No credit. Imagine walking into your favourite store and not having to worry about the price tag (though you should, just because you’ve got lots of money it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t spend wisely).

I love money, show me someone who doesn’t. I love the look, the smell and the feel of money in my hands. I smile when I check my bank balance and it has increased but that hasn’t happened in a while because I haven’t been working.  I used to work hard for the money that I made and I intend on working smarter for the money that I want to make. Let it be noted that my mother does give me money but there’s nothing like working for your money. I love what money can do for me and most people don’t understand why I want to be wealthy. I don’t want to get money for having money, it’s not completely about the money. It’s about the freedom that wealth provides. Every time that I work and make my own money, I’m thinking “now I can go out/ get that book/ pair of jeans/ t-shirt etc without having to ask my mum”. Financial independence is something a lot of people NEVER achieve. I’ve had a taste and you know what? I’M ADDICTED TO IT.

I like the finer things (you define this as you go along) in life and I don’t deny it. I want to live comfortably and you know what, I’m going to make that money and excuse me if I don’t feel apologetic for it. Give me crap if you will, that’s your prerogative. And just as it is your prerogative to hate, oops, I mean have an opinion, it’s mine to keep the bottom of my shoes one color: red. That’s a Christian Louboutin reference.