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Oh Sweet Closure

Posted in Life, Love, Relationships on 13/11/2011 by Bitsofki

Here I am, finally got WordPress for Blackberry installed on this phone, feeling good (for lack of a better phrase). I’m not a supporter of BlackBerry: I’m a Nokia fan but circumstances have led to me being in possession of a BB so I might as well run with it. Anyway, I’m feeling good because I have finally been told why I was treated with disrespect and in the words of Vivian Green: “Disregard for me and my feelings”

I finally got through to this boy and after some confusion of sorts, he told me why things went the way that they did. It was a result of immaturity. I was just glad to know why I suffered the sadness that I did. He told me that he’s sorry and he asked if I didn’t want to slap him. I really don’t.

The closure is just so refreshing, the issue feels like it’s truly resolved. And of course, my curiosity has been assuaged. Thing is, even when the rage and depression and sadness fade, the need to know remains. And now I know 🙂


Pieces Of Unsolicited Advice PART V

Posted in Education etc, Life, Money, Relationships, Self-Love on 30/09/2011 by Bitsofki

The way that this post is long overdue is just so sad.. But it’s here, fianlly. My Views may or may not have changed since I wrote this (ages ago)


# 101 In destroying opponents, before you do: turn them into fans, followers whatever (thank you George Orwell and 1984)

# 102 When lying, keep it simple and (if possible) involve no one.

#103 A secret stops being a secret once told to another. It then becomes an intimate detail that shouldn’t be shared.

#104 The moment you say something in an open space, where others can hear you, it becomes as private as public property.

#105 Does it work?

#106 Take me as I am or buzz off.

#107 Don’t pass up a chance to improve yourself

#108 Believe in yourself. Always.

#109 Take credit for your work

#110 Mostly, remuneration in monetary form trumps appreciation.

#111 Luxury is not deserved: you WORK for it.

#112 There are only two ways to get rich: you’re either born rich or you marry rich. There’s only one way to get wealthy: You WORK.

#113 “The rich live well. The wealthy sleep well”

#114 Inner beauty is worth working on. Outer beauty can be bought.

#115 When the actions say one thing and the eyes another: believe the eyes

Just A Thought

Posted in Life with tags , , , , , on 17/09/2011 by Bitsofki

I was thinking about the things that people do and I decided that we’re all out here, looking for the same thing. The woman cooking dinner for the she loves, the boy getting high, the girl working hard to prove her worth, the man hitting the strip club. We’re all out here, looking for our joy. We all want to be happy.

Happiness just has this way of creating more good feelings: peace, contentment, euphoria, feeling good. That’s what we’re all after, in our different ways: that wonderful high that just makes everything worth it. Some people need money to be happy, but it’s not the money itself that creates happiness. it’s the security and peace of mind that allows one to be free that creates this happiness. Some people need weed to be happy, most probably because that’s where they first found a wonderful high. Who wants to be held down by worries anyway? I am not saying that weed is the solution*

I just happen to like this song and I’m listening to it as I type this


Me? I want to be happy and I am. I have my moments of utter euphoria and I cherish them. I can find a bit of joy: in writing a perfectly grammatical sentence, in noticing that a splotch on the wall kind of looks like a dog, in silly little things. I can see that there’s room for improvement: I could be happier. But we can always be happier. There’s always more and now I’m starting to sound sentimental.

I have lost the point of this but I think that it would be nice if we all showed a little gratitude for the wonderful things that we have. And we all have something wonderful

Name Game

Posted in Life with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on 05/09/2011 by Bitsofki

When you were born, your parents gave you a name, if they loved you enough. Some names, however, inspire enormous doubt of the love that parents have for their kids. But that aside, the name that they gave you is your government name. Somewhere along the line, they may have given you a nickname: a shortening of your name or something that just suited you. That nickname possibly didn’t stick all the way to your teens so you picked one for yourself. If you picked your nickname, it had better be a good fit.

I’m called Koki: short for my government name but after years of saying “like a koki” to explain how it’s spelt, I am now likened to a koki pen. Of course, I’m not a felt-tipped pen that comes in various colours (I have one general colour: brownish and that changes with the season) but I am quite colourful (personality-wise). Most the nicknames for my name are appropriate (Koki pen, Cocky). So imagine how I feel when I meet someone whose nickname just doesn’t match them. Not particularly impressed.

I met a girl called “Peaches” on Friday. When I meet someone called “Peaches” or “Peach” or anything edible, I expect them to have something in common with a peach or whatever edible thing they are named after. The “Peaches” in question was light-skinned, I’ll give her that. However: her nickname is not close to her government name, not by a long shot (-1), she did not appear to be juicy (-1), she was skinny (-1), there was very little roundness to her (-1), she had barely noticeable boobs (-5 because I’m a boobs girl). Even worse for her, I know a “Peaches” who is suited to her name: she looks delicious, has some roundness to her and just looks edible. In the battle of the Peaches, she wins. Peaches down.

In defense of the Peaches that looks nothing like peach, she’s pretty. And I don’t know if she picked the name herself or if it got dumped on her: but why did she keep it? In addition, she would look good with some cream on her. then again, which pretty girl (that isn’t allergic to cream) wouldn’t? Furthermore, I do not know if there is an entertaining story behind the name. But I will still judge her and my verdict is as follows: EPIC FUCKING FAIL!

I help when I can so here are some guidelines

  1. It should be short for your name
  2. If it’s not short for your name, it should at least fit
  3. If you picked it, it had better fit
  4. If it doesn’t fit, change it
  5. If it’s not short for your name, it had better be cool and have an entertaining story behind it

Now go forth, my reader, and name yourself (and others) appropriately!