Anyone that’s preparing to say “Don’t judge me/ You shouldn’t judge/” or anything that seeks to stop me from judging should just save their breath. They should also catch a clue and sit down: it’s just stupid. And rather hypocritical.

It’s hypocritical because before telling me what to do, you’d have to assess the situation then pass judgement on my actions. So zip it.

OK, with that typed, let’s move on. Saying that people shouldn’t judge is like telling them not to breathe: it’s basic to human nature. Back back back in the day, our ancestors used their primitive faculties to judge whether it was right to move on to a new settlement or which cow to slaughter and all that survival stuff. So it’s ingrained in us to assess (judge) our surroundings and community and even ourselves.

Without judgement, how would one choose the right business to invest in? Or the right university to go to? Or which beer is your favourite? Which wine to drink? Which person to trust? I’ll admit that we pass harsh judgements on people all the time but different judgements foster dialogue and debate over issues: judgement was part of abolishing slavery, letting women vote, letting you exist. Yeah, that’s right.

Of course people want to say don’t judge me and a few minutes later, they’ll judge Mshoza for lightening her skin. I think she looks fantastic, by the way. That isn’t how it works: we judge everything. EVERYTHING!

This is why I will judge you: I am allowed to judge my environment/ surroundings/ society and in letting yourself enter any of these spheres of mine, you become a part of them. Hence you are subject to my judgement. Oh and also because I can: it’s what I do. I was watching Sex And The City a long time ago and I adapted one of the lines: “I judge, it’s what I do. Some people have arts and crafts: I judge”.


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